Friday, April 17

It got worse

Well after the Isabelle incident and just starting to recover, I got a phone call from my Mother In Law. She was in tears and in a terrible state. It's not like her. We talked for a while and I volunteered Mark to get and fetch her if she needed it. She lives just North of Edinburgh and it's about a 4 and a half hour drive, but she declined, so I felt a bit relieved for volunteering Mark. An hour later she phoned back in floods of tears and asked Mark to go get her. oops. As it was about 6pm Mark said he'd go and get her in the morning. The morning was Easter Sunday! But he dutifully drove all the way there, turned around and came straight back with her. A long day driving! and a grumpy Mark.

We talked and she felt much better in no time. She stayed with us until Tuesday but decided to get a flight back up to Edinburgh, which saved Mark another long drive. I dropped her at Manchester airport for a 5pm flight and she was in Edinburgh for 6pm. A bus ride from there got her home.

While she was here she bought Isabelle a game for my Nintendo DS. It's called Bella Sara and it's a horse game. You get to look after the horses, clean them, feed them, muck out the stables and give them love and treats. You do different challenges and you can win more horses. Isabelle has not stopped playing this game since she got it. It's now Friday and she's still playing it! Well, I say she's playing it, I keep having to help with the challenges, but she loves this game.

Talking of Isabelle, her mouth is healing up nicely now. She looks like a thug lol, but a cute thug. It took me ages to get a photograph of her smiling, but I'm determined she's not going to lose her cute smile because she's self conscious about he missing tooth and the resulting gap at the front.


  1. your not having it easy are you? at least Isabelle is ok now, and i hope your getting back to normal now

  2. What a week!!!

  3. What a week!!!