Tuesday, October 21

Weigh in - week three

I've been to class and got weighed in this morning. Another three pounds loss!! woohoo. That's 10 pounds in three weeks. Only four pounds away from losing a stone. Highly unlikely that I'll lose 4 pounds in a week, but even so, I'll be so close to a stone next week.

It's going to be a long haul, but I'm still as motivated as I was when I started. I've bought the slimming world magazine today so I'm going to see what recipies are in there for me to try this week.

I can't really tell much difference in myself by looking although I don't have four boobs anymore LOL... you know when your bra is a bit tight and you sort of pop out the middle. Oh, and my shoes are too big!!! The slop off my feet when I walk, which is extremely annoying as I've only had them about six weeks. But it's annoying in a nice way LOL
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