Tuesday, December 16


And for this week's update... I can't tell you how pleased I am....

Imagine the scene... When Harry Met Sally, in the cafe, sally shouting yes, yes, YES!! THAT'S ME!! lol.

I am so happy!!

Just back from class. I lost 3 pounds this week which now means...

I have:

Lost 2 stone and 2 pounds in total since 1st October.
got my 2 stone award at Slimming World
Met my first personal target of 2 stone before January
Lost 10% of my body weight
Gone down into the next stone
Got slimmer of the week!

Woooohoooooooooo, what a morning.

I am now polishing my halo and feeling very righteous

LOL.. I'm chuffed to bits.

I've set my next mini target. I want to lose another 21 pounds before we go to see Metallica on 28th Feb next year.


  1. Well done! Let's celebrate with a large chunk of chocolate cake... ;)