Wednesday, December 3

Good Grief!!

I had a trawl through my photo albums on my puter to see if I could find one of myself (eek) to compare with how I look almost 2 stone lighter. I came across one taken at the end of May this year at Russ's 18th birthday party. God it is horrific!! I can't believe I walked about looking like that! The second photograph, I took about 15 minutes ago. No wonder I've had people comment about my face looking thinner. Take a look for yourself. I'm gobsmacked LOL. What is my face going to be like a few more stone lost? If ony the rest of me slimmed down as quick as my face [sigh]

Anyway, the pics.

May 08

December 08 after losing 1 stone 12 in 9 weeks

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  1. Hi Miss Annie:

    I just have to say, wow, you look great!

    And you're inspiring me to try harder, too.

    In fact, I'm about to go swimming now...and my partner is coming with me.


    The thing I have going for me is I already eat right, so I KNOW the missing ingredient is exercise...

    I'd been telling myself that I haven't been doing that because of the fibro. But, I've been making lots of small improvements that have gotten my energy UP, and I have a pool close by.

    So, I'm starting with that.

    Thanks again for writing about this. I thought, if you can do it, I can too...

    Happy Sunday.