Thursday, August 28

Stuff and nonesence

Oh dear! The amitryptiline zombied me! On Saturday Mark took Isabelle to the playpark. I really felt myself falling asleep, so at about 12.30pm I went to lay down for half an hour before the Grand Prix started. I woke at 5pm! I've NEVER slept like that in the day. But not only that, Isabelle was really restless that night and she woke about 9.30 so I took her into our bed for a snuggle. At 11.30pm Mark woke me up when he lifted Isabelle to take her back to her bed. I then slept through till morning! Sunday, I didn't actually go to sleep but I felt so tired and lethargic all day, it was awful. So I stopped taking the amitryptiline pill in the morning. I can't live like that!

Physically, I am better than I was this time last week, thank god. It was awful :( I'm still having to pace myself and not do too much, but things are definately better.

On another note, I think I have become addicted to HDR photography! Yikes! I've taken a couple of shots that I'm really pleased with. I never really liked HDR at all, only if it was subtle. But having played with photomatix and really pushing the tonemapping a long way, it's given some really unusual effects. I love it LOL. I think one of the best photo's I've ever done has a subtle (I restrained myself) HDR on it. I love this photograph.

I also did some of Mark wheelieing (that doesn't look spelt right .. hmm) and they look really grungy.

Russ has his first gig tonight with his band. It's an accoustic session but they've been practicing like mad bless 'em. They want me to do some publicity shots for them to put on their myspace website and possibly for an EP cover if they can get enough money together to hire the recording studio. I asked Russ and his girlfriend to go for a practice photoshoot at the back of a disused supermarket. It had a great feel to it. Loads of brickwork and bright red doors, but all overgrown with weeds. It's a shame Russ's girlfriend wasn't wearing her prom dress LOL. The juxtoposition would have worked really well. Maybe another time.

So Russ wanted something a bit different photographically... so of course... I opened photomatix LOL. Russ loves the results and says it's ideal for the band shots. We tried various poses and generally ran through some ideas that might work for the band shots. The strange thing was, I felt a bit uncomfortable directing Russ and his girlfriend on where and how to stand. Weird. The funnies thing though was Isabelle. She'd seen me getting Russ and his girlfriend to pose, put their feet behind them on the wall, sit on the steps etc. So Isabelle said, it's my turn now... LOL

I don't think she's going to be a model in the future LOL, bless her.
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