Monday, August 11

Oh dear, slacking again

Hmmm, it's been a while since I last posted. I guess because there's not really been anything to post about.

Health wise, good days and bad days, same as usual really. I decided that we were going to try and get out at least once a weekend and go for a walk. This works in two ways. Mark is really into walking at the moment, but with the fibromyalgia, I can't walk far. It's a complete nuisance! But I'm trying hard to join in. It had been going ok until last weekend we decided to take a picnic to Moel Fammau. I barely got 300 yards before I couldn't walk any further. It was burning so painfully in my feet and calves. I tried to carry on, but I just couldn't do it. So we stopped for our picnic. It tipped it down with rain and we all ended up sitting under the picnic table LOL. After we'd finished, Mark wanted to walk to the top of Moel Fammau so I said I'd hang around at the bottom waiting for him to come back. It gave me chance to get my camera out. Isabelle inisted she went with Mark. Oh dear, bad decision I thought, but he agreed. Needless to say, they didn't get to the top LOL. The rain set in then, so our plan of walking somewhere a bit flatter was scuppered. Mark went back later in the day once the sun had come out and he walked to the top and was happy about that. I felt really awful because I just couldn't walk any further. I felt like I'd spoiled the day :(

On another note, I've set the laptop up for Isabelle to use. She was driving me bonkers by always being on my pc playing kids games or typing in notepad.. well, I say typing... 3 yr old typing. Well anyway, she now has the laptop set up beside my pc on her little pink table lol, it looks really odd, a 3 year old using a laptop. I downloaded loads of educational software, things like matching games, memory matching, alphabet etc and she absolutely loves it! In one of the games she has to type the word given to her. It surprised me how quickly she has learnt where the letters are on the keyboard. She is so good at it, I end up sitting watching her for ages LOL. the downside to it all though is that she'd play it all day. I have to ration the time she spends at the pc, which doesn't go down very well.
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