Tuesday, August 9

Monday on holiday

 So it's Tuesday morning but I'm writing about Monday because I'm too tired at night and have no brain, so it's easier to write in the morning. 

I got up Monday morning and it was starting to dawn on me that I have no responsibilities. Anything that was done today was purely my choice. I decided that I was just going to mooch about at the cottage during the day and then go and get fish and chips and eat them at the west bay watching the sun set. That's the only plan I had. I did some writing, some reading my phone and about 3.30pm I was tired so I thought I'd have a nap. I woke again about 8pm. oops.  I felt really groggy so I made myself a bacon sandwich and just chilled on the sofa. I decided not to go for fish and chips watching the sunset. And it didn't matter. I'd not disappointed anyone and that felt great. Normally I'd have put others before myself and we would have ended up going, no matter how tired I felt. 

I didn't craft, I didn't read, I did do the dishes. I scrolled facebook and facebook watch and decided about 11pm to go to bed again. I slept till around 9 (apart from having to wee twice in the night, grrrr) The sun is out, my view is still amazing and I think I'm going to get something to eat and head down to the beach with my book for a while.

As for the rest of the day... who knows? hahaha. It feels great :)

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