Tuesday, November 15

Oh dear...!

Slacking slack slacker! in more ways than one. But I'm here again. For how long I don't know. Life kind of gets in the way with one thing and another and I forget to blog... blah blah blah... then I get on a mission and I blog, then I forget.. you get the idea?

Anyway. loads and loads has happened since I last wrote but I'll probably write about those things another time. I'm here this time as I'm trying to get myself in better shape. Round isn't a great shape to be when you're a human. Great if you're the sun, or any planet, but humanwise... not so great. So I'm attempting to get 'un-round'. Hubs is being very supportive and to be honest, it's his idea to take action. I'm happy with that though because although I need to lose the weight of a herd of buffalo, hubs needs to lose about a stone and a half and we are therefore, eating more healthily, but we are going to walk somewhere every other day, and the alternate day I will cycle on my newly acquired exercise cycle. Doesn't it all sound great and hunky dory? yay!! 

The downside is my underlying fibromyalgia and plethora of other 'syndromes' and health crap. I really really don't want to push so hard that I end up in a flare and laid up for days because that's not achieving anything. So I have to listen to my body, and more than that, hubs has to listen to me when I say I can't do any more. I know I have to push myself to get anyway, but I need to learn how much further I can push without buggering myself up. 

The walk we did on Sunday wasn't very far, but it was very nice. We grabbed a coffee in the local park cafe and walked back to the car. We had a good chat and a bit of 'us' time, which was really nice. 

Yesterday (Monday) I did 10 minutes on the exercise bike (it really does need a name... hmmm suggestions welcome....). the pain after wasn't too bad. And as I'd done it in the evening (my most painful time of day) I could take the stronger meds I take before bed.

I have however just done just over 10 minutes in the middle of the day (Tuesday is today). We'll see how that goes. I wasn't supposed to cycle today, it's a walk day, but it was kinda there... and I thought... well.... I just hope that doesn't push me over the line when I go for a walk tonight. We'll see.

Anyway...just for me to keep a record really....

 time I cycled for yesterday

 time I cycled for today (accumulated from yesterday too)

total distance for the two days

TTFN xxxx

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