Saturday, April 11

Totally Templates...

I've only gone and got myself a little business venture. Better than that, it's online. Even better than that, it's working and money is being made.

A group of lovely ladies and myself (although I'm a lovely lady too, honest) have started a website called Totally Templates and it is a website for any pattern designers or template designers to sign up and sell their designs. We have sections for all kind of crafts including paper cutting, book folding, crochet, knitting, sewing, cards, adult colouring pages and there's something else but it slipped my mind.

No listing fees, no bill at the end of the month and you get your money as soon as an item is sold, rather than have to wait for a payment date. All we do is take a commission on each sale. So folks can sign up and try it out and have nothing to lose if they don't sell anything. :)  And the best thing is, once you've uploaded and listed your designs, you don't have to do anything else. Just sit there and watch the money role in because designs are digitally downloaded.. you don't need to invoice or anything :D

So if you do happen to fall across my little blog post and read this, and make any kind of digital pattern or template pop over to take a look and sign up and start selling :) We have a support group on Facebook and a Promotion Group also these are Totally Templates Website Group and Totally Templates Group