Tuesday, June 28

Changes, ups and downs

It's been a manic couple of months. A lot of the time I feel like I've been chasing my tail. 

I have started my QCF in Teaching and Learning Support Lv2. (They changed the NVQ system to QCF). So far so good. I had my first tutor assessment a couple of weeks ago and it went very well (according to my tutor and her written observations) which was a huge relief. My next one is on the 6th of July and I'm nowhere near as nervous as I was for the last one. I've also had a few hours of paid work (yay!) doing one to one supervision with a child in class. This is on top of my mid-day supervisor role. The teacher was very very happy with the way I worked and was later very surprised that she'd been in to tell the head teacher how amazing I was... (her words not mine lol). So all this was boosting my confidence and my hopes of getting one of the five teaching assistant jobs that are new posts for September. Successful applicants would be notified on the 24th of June. The day came and went... nothing :( Despite everything, I didn't even get an interview. Gutted!! And so I sulked all Friday night.

It wasn't worth getting upset about to be honest, but I was annoyed after doing numerous hours at the school, helping out and doing voluntary hours that I hadn't even got an interview. 

But four days on, it seems that it might have been a blessing in disguise. I have been approached today by the lady in charge of special needs children and she has asked me if I would conisder one to one supervision for children with learning disabilities, behavioural problems or ADHD.  When I was making the decision to go back into childcare in schools, special needs was actually the area I wanted to be in, but needed the TLS qualification first. Now it's changed, it's not necessary to complete it first as long as I am doing the course and my observational assessments are within the school. So of course, I said yes... without trying to appear to be biting her hand of in my excitement. So now, she has me on her list of one to one supervisors and she has a meeting next week when she will discuss with her managers which children will need one to one care when we start the new school year in September, and then she'll be looking to place me with one of the kids. 

So it seems like every cloud has a silver lining afterall.