Tuesday, March 29

Open up a can of worms?

or perhaps upset the applecart?

Firstly the disclaimer. I don't wish to upset anyone religious or not... everyone has their right to their own belief and I'm not going to say anyone is wrong for believing. This is just my opinion.

Isabelle has a swimming lesson on a Tuesday evening and our journey home often brings forth bizzare conversations instigated by the still 5 year old Isabelle. Tonight's discussion was very indepth.

Due to the time of year, at school they have been discussing the Christian faith and the belief in God and Jesus (as we're heading towards Easter). Her school visited a Christian Church today. I asked her what she'd seen and we had a good chat about it and how lovely the stained glass windows were and she explained that each one told a story.  Then she asked why don't we go to church every sunday? uh oh... how to I explain this to a 5 year old?

Neither Mark nor I are religious. I've never stopped any of the kids learning about religion, and have always answered their questions on religion as honestly as possible from what I was taught at school. I'm not against the teaching of any religion, I think it's good for kids to know about the various religions and the reasons why they believe what they do. But religion is not for me. I believe the big bang theory and evolution. I don't believe God made the world and everything in it. But how do you explain this to a 5 year old? I think I did ok.

I explained that some people don't believe in a God. She already knows an awful lot about the planets and galaxies and the universe. In fact she loves it all. so I explained that these people who don't believe in a God believe in Evolution. She already understands evolution and that creatures came out of the sea and evolved into land animals. This is where she becomes confused. She said that God didn't make the dinosaurs. They evolved from other creatures. But did God tell the creatures to move out of the sea and evolve and if not, how did they decide to do it for themselves?  And if God didn't put the trees on the land, how did they get there? Again, I said evolution.. they probably began as plants under the sea and over billions of years they evolved to be trees. We were almost home and the conversation was getting deeper and deeper... her thought process and logic was astonishing for her age and she stumped me several times.

I ended our chat by saying that the best thing to do is to learn about all the religions, and all about evolution and then when she gets older she will be able to decide what she wants to believe in, and if she wants to believe in a God, she will be able to decide which God she wants to worship. But if she decides she doesn't want to believe in a God but believe evolution is right, then that's ok too.

Then tonight, I was reading the news online to see the following article....

Children as young as four to be taught Atheism in School

Atheism is to be taught in some schools as a trial. It will teach them that there is another belief other than (a)  God. The plan is to teach Humanism. That you are not wrong to not believe in a God.. that it is ok to believe in Humanism, morals and evolution.

I carried on reading until I got to the religious person's opinion on this..

Quote: Salim Mulla, chair of Lancashire Council of Mosques, is concerned about the outcome of these teachings.

'We believe it is important to have faith values whether that is Christian, Islamic or any other religion,' he said.

'The values are very, very important. I don't think the non God aspect should be introduced into the curriculum.

'I don't think it is right. People are born into faiths and are brought up in that faith and that's how it should stay.

'The non-faith beliefs send a wrong message to the children and confuse them. End Quote

Don't the non God believers have as much right to discuss what they think rather than made to feel like an outcast because they don't have a God? Is this pressurising children to choose a religion because they should? People aren't born into a faith. Everyone is born an Atheist. It is the parents that bring a child up with a certain belief. They teach the child their religion and tell them why they believe the things they do.

I find it hard to understand how schools can teach religion and also about evolution and the environment but keep them as separate entities. And how many times have I heard the question, if there is a God why do all these disasters happen. Why are we having to save the environment that God made? He should should be in control of the environment anyway. and why did God kill all these people in Japan and break their homes? How does a non God believer explain that?

Confusion reigns

My new little boy

One of the other reasons I've been so busy lately is that we have adopted Charley, a terrier / whippet cross from the animal rescue centre. Charley was found on the streets in Lancashire somewhere and was put on death row because no one would take him in. Our local rescue centre took him in and saved him from his imminent death. I saw his photograph online. Not a great photograph, but his little face pleaded with me to give him a home. Can you see why?

My hubby kept saying if we were to have a dog we should get a German Shepherd. But it would be too big for our house, for me to walk the dog and waaaay too much fur to groom and keep him clean. So I kept emailing the above photo to him at work saying.. awww look at his little face. He wants to come and live with us. He said we could go and see him. So off we all went, including 20 yr old son and his girlfriend in tow. 

He was brought out to us. He wasn't too over excited but he was interested and had a waggy tail. We took him for a walk up the lane to see how he behaved on the lead. He was good. Isabelle fell in love with him straight away, and he loved her too. We had a chat and Mark agreed we could adopt him. After the home suitability check, we brought him home. He settled in straight away. He has been with us since the 1st of February. I've been working hard on training him to do what we ask and on the whole, it's going very well. I also started taking him to obedience lessons. The biggest issue we have is his anxiety in a room full of other dogs. Outside on the field when we're walking, he's fine. But in a room full of dogs, he barks like mad. But after 6 weeks of classes this is almost under control. He is a lovely dog and is part of our family even after being with us for so few weeks. He's put weight on and we can no longer see his ribs. But the nicest thing of all (apart from him taking to me and is definately my dog.. I'm his stability) is that he and Isabelle love each other so much. He does what she asks him, and often lay on the floor together cuddling. It's lovely.

Best Friends

My much more confident Charley

Oh and the wonky ear is permanently wonky LOL. It never stands up. I assume he must have been in a fight when he was on the streets as he does have a piece missing, but the ear never stands straight.. That's just Charley and we love his quirk