Wednesday, March 23

Still Alive

I am still alive.. honest. I thought for a while that maybe I wasn't, but I realise I am.

Lets go back to November... Isabelle was so poorly for almost six weeks, including over Christmas, and so was I. We both had the flu twice and I was laid up on Christmas Eve wondering if I would actually see Christmas Day..thankfully, I did.

I also lost interest in blogging.. well, everything really.. but I only had doom and gloom to write about and to be honest, I even stopped reading others' blogs. A lot of the blogs I subscribed to were being taken over by sponsored posts. Tales of how wonderful things were that they'd been sent by big manufacturers to try. I suppose jealousy came into that too. Why couldn't my child have all these great days out or great toys to try and keep? Why couldn't I have the new washing machine/fridge/cooker etc. But that's not the way I wanted to go with my blog. I'm not calling anyone or saying they're wrong for going down that route, that's their choice, but it wasn't making interesting reading for me anymore. So I stopped.

I also stopped taking photographs.. yes.. completely. I was all photo'd out. I still am to a point to be honest. I've lost my photographic eye. It's been suggested that I try a different genre of photography, but I've tried most of them already. I've gone weeks and weeks without picking my camera up. At one point, I couldn't even remember where I'd put it.. now that IS bad. I took snaps with my point and shoot, but nothing worth sharing with anyone. Memory shots is what they are.

And then 'me' time vanished completely. My hubby had a mountain bike accident landing on a razor sharp piece of slate which cut a huge gash in his knee right through to the bone, and also had a horizontal break to his tibia. He spent 4 days in hospital having two lots of surgery to clean out the deep wound before stitiching it internally and 26 staples externally. Now trying to keep a very active man still is difficult. Once he actually realised he couldn't get around he went into sorry for himself mode and therefore (apparently) couldn't do anything for himself. My 5 year old is more self sufficient than he turned into. 4 weeks on and he's now recovering. Not right, but recovering.

And the latest venture is that I've started work. It's only an hour and a bit a day at Isabelle's school supervising lunchtimes. So now my daily routine is spent coming in and out of the house. I get a couple of hours in the morning, then work then an hour and a bit before fetching Isabelle from school. Then the running around to taxi Isabelle to her evening activities. Life is just hectic.

But as I said, I'm still alive... still aching and paining.. carpal tunnel syndrome is the current (worst) pain.. but I'm plodding on.

Hopefully I can get back to blogging with a bit more regularity and enthusiasm.