Wednesday, November 16

I've found a new thing to do..

It is officially 2 whole months today (as in the 16th September to 16th November) since I became a non smoker!! I've kicked my 20(+) a day habit, cold turkey, no replacements to have to give up... nothing.... I am a non smoker.

I've also discovered my latest hobby, and I can't stop doing it.. all the time. I was taught as a child to crochet, but only a blanket shell stitch. I decided with the aid of modern technology it was time to teach myself how to make more than blankets.So I went on youtube and searched crochet stitches, watched a couple of videos on how to crochet and off I went. And now I can't stop crocheting! I started with little cutsey easy to make animals and have moved on from there. I am now getting quite good.. in my opinion. I'm thinking of getting a bit of stock together and putting it on etsy to sell... I dunno. My stuff has to be really good before I can sell it, but I don't think I'm quite there yet. Hubby asked " how many hats does one house need??" lol

So, a few pictures... although I am one missing that matches the pink hat .. a pair of pink wrist warmers/fingerless gloves. I need to photograph them. Click on any of the pics to see it full size :)

The little pink and white mouse, the pink bunny and the cupcake crochet hook holder are my faves. Then I moved onto hats (and a headband)

The last hat is actually an adults hat, my daughter modelled it for me... my head's going to be warm this winter. I think the brown and cream child's hat is my fave so far. Isabelle loves her three strand headband which fastens in a bow (one strand) at the back.

Now.... what can I crochet next?


  1. They are very cute :) I'm more of a blanket crocheter.... tho I did recently finish a lacy cardigan for my daughter. I wish I could do little fiddly things like amigumuri but ... well it's little... and fiddly! I'm currently slogging through a cotton 4ply waistcoat for my Mum's christmas but I still have a sneaky 1 out the back with a coffee at night - well done on stopping so suddenly and resolutely - it aint easy!

  2. Loweki326:42 AM

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  3. That's cool..

    Check this out:

  4. Handmade? Nicely done :D