Sunday, October 10

It's been a weekend of bikes

My favourite way to spend a weekend. But I'll go with the proud mummy moment first.

Isabelle was 5 in July and is one of the most un-coordinated kids I've ever known LOL. She's very clever, but she was at the back of the queue for co-ordination. She loves riding her bike but she's almost too big for it. She does have another bike that hubby lost his marbles and bought off ebay which is way too big for her. So I decided that as it was such a lovely sunny day we'd take the stabilisers off her bike and take her to the park and see how she went. She got on the bike and took off as if she'd been riding without stabilisers for ever. She could just do it really easy after the first few tentative pedals whilst concentrating. I'm so proud of her and when I told her I was she said "thanks" and grinned. So that's it, she's off.. looks like Santa might have to stump up some cash for a bike that's the right size for her now.

And on Saturday it was my day. My day to go to the race track at Oulton Park to watch the British Superbikes. The sound, the smell, the feel of fast motorbikes roaring round the fantastic Oulton Park and to be able to take photographs of these bikes is my idea of Saturday heaven. Never mind a spa and pampering.. take me to the bike racing!!

It's the final round of the British Superbikes, and we've watched it all year, so it was really exciting.

Isabelle's day was made by Ryuichi Kiyonari on the HM Plant Honda. He's now the British Superbike Champion after winning today. On the victory lap, Isabelle (who was wearing her HM Plant Honda t-shirt) was waving like mad at all the bikers going round. Kiyonari waved to her. We know it was to her because we were stood alone at the side of the track. She was overjoyed that he waved at HER.

And I just got to take photographs of young lads in leather racing around on throbbing motorbikes.. ahhh bliss.

And before I bore you all to death, if you want to see more of my photographs from the superbikes CLICK HERE

I have more to edit, when/if I get chance... but sadly the superbike season is now over, so I guess I've got until May to get them done when the season starts again [sigh]